Big Boo Battle is a level exclusive to Super Mario 64 DS. The level is found within Big Boo's Haunt behind the painting on the third floor. Upon completion of this level, Mario earns the key to unlock Luigi.

The level consists of a maze leading to a fight with Big Boo, though he seems to have the appearance of King Boo. The maze forces Mario to the beginning if he uses the incorrect door or falls, but the player can figure out the correct path by listening to Big Boo's laughter.

The first room of the level is a room with a spinning floor and four doors. The second room is a room with four bridges connected to a central platform, which collapse if the player attempts to walk across them, and four more doors. The third room has four platforms near four doors and a central platform, and the fourth room has several platforms near the four doors, as well as several moving platforms. Entering the correct door for each room leads Mario to a room with a collapsing bridge with a section with several moving platforms and a Boo portrait on the other side. 


  • Star 1 - Find the eight red coins. This requires Wario as his strength is needed to break a block containing a Red Coin
  • Star 2 - Hidden Star behind the Boo Portrait. This requires Luigi's Power Flower ability to reach.