The Big Bob-omb, otherwise known as King Bob-omb or the Bob-omb King, is the ruler of the Bob-ombs that live in Bob-omb Battlefield. It's unknown whether or not he's actually the king of all the Bob-ombs, but it is expected that he is. He resembles a very large Bob-omb, but with arms, a giant mustache, and a crown on his head.

The first game he was in was Super Mario 64. Where he waited at the top for Mario. To defeat him, Mario would have to run behind him, pick him up and throw him three times. Then, he would give his Power Star to Mario. Other Bob-ombs could fear him for he could be a tyrant.


Big Bob-omb's sprite from Super Mario 64 DS.

Another appearance was in Super Mario 64 DS, where Yoshi had to defeat him. This time, since Yoshi can't pick anything up, he had to eat the Bob-ombs that King Bob-omb threw at him, and spit them back out. Later, Mario would have to fight him again, and he would use the same tactic he use in Super Mario 64.

In this game, he tends to think that anyone without a mustache is a wimp and a baby. He makes fun of Yoshi because of the lack of mustache, but tells Mario that his mustache is fairly-acceptable.

In Mario Kart DS he's the boss in the fifth level missing mode. Wario must throw Bob-ombs at him three times to defeat him.

In Mario Superstar Baseball, he made a cameo in the Homerun Derby mini-game, where one of the Bob-ombs that came out was him.

He made an appearance in Mario Party 5 as well, in one of the many mini-games. His last game so far is Mario Party 9, where he appears as the boss character of Bob-omb Factory.

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