Big Blue is a DLC course from Mario Kart 8 and its port, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, based on the F-Zero track, Big Blue. It is the fourth and final course in the Bell Cup in both games. The course is a single lap course that is fully in antigravity.


  • Reaching the final section will have an announcer speak, saying "Yeah!! The final lap!" using the voice clip from F-Zero X. It is the only course in Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with this distinction.
  • The music of the track is split in two parts: the first part plays in the first two sections, and the second part plays in the final section. This is the second track after Mount Wario to have separate soundtracks for different laps/sections. However, this may actually be a potential homage to F-Zero GX, as that game has an identical method of handling the music for its courses (i.e. Having the initial variation of a tune play on the first and second laps and so on, while the second variation plays on the final lap).
  • Big Blue and GBA Cheese Land are the only courses that contain gliding segments taking place entirely in anti-gravity.
  • The glider segment from the second segment to the third segment is similar to the boost ring glider segment on Rainbow Road, in which it launches racers at a straight line like a cannon. Furthermore, both sections have the same sound effect when driven through.
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