Big Bananas

The Big Banana

Big Banana is one of the 10 special items in Mario Kart: Double Dash‼, for the GameCube. Only Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, King Boo and Petey can get this special item. When players are racing and accidentally run over it, they will spin for a long time, and it bursts into 3 regular banana peels. This could be why there weren't triple bananas in this Mario Kart game. This item is very strong, so when red shells and green shells hit it, they will break. Yoshi eggs, Bowser Shells, Bob-ombs and Chain Chomps are the only items that can break it. This item is good for blocking other attacks made by other players. You can get these while in first place, then they are pretty helpful, so you can block shells and keep your lead. If you get them in a low place, they aren't that helpful. You can place these right in front of jumps, so your enemy, or enemies will spin off the cliff, there so big so people can hit it easier.

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