Bianco Hills is a hilly grassland outside Ricco Harbor. Its famous for its windmills, prominently the massive one outside the village surrounded by a lake. Its lake section has a mass of tightropes extending over the eastern part. This place resembles Dutch landscape.

Bianco Hills is accessible once you defeat Shadow Mario for the first time at Delfino Plaza.


  • I: Road to the Big Windmill
  • II: Down with Petey Piranha
  • III: The Hillside Cave Secret
  • IV: Red Coins of Windmill Village
  • V: Petey Piranha Strikes Back
  • VI: The Secret of the Dirty Lake
  • VII: Shadow Mario on the Loose
  • VIII: The Red Coins of the Lake
  • IX: Hillside Cave Secret Red Coins
  • X: Dirty Lake Secret Red Coins
  • XI: 100 Coins

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