Bessie Bass is a giant Cheep-Chomp, and the mid-boss of World 3 in Yoshi's Island DS. When first encountered on her battleship, Bessie Bass is only slightly larger than a Yoshi; though through the use of his magic, Kamek was able to grow Bessie Bass to monstrous proportions.

In battle, Bessie Bass attempts to attack Yellow Yoshi by crushing him with several small leaps out of the water or by making a giant jump out of the water. Then, she falls downward towards Yoshi with her jaws wide-open, trying to engulf him and leave Yoshi with Baby Mario floating away. It is only when Bessie Bass makes one of these large leaps that she is vulnerable to an attack. While Bessie Bass is in the air, Yoshi must hit her on the lips to injure her; hitting Bessie Bass three times on the lips will be enough to defeat her.

In her battle against Yoshi, Bessie Bass is assisted by several Toober Guys, who Yoshi can swallow for eggs to fight her.

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