Belome's Temple

Belome's Temple is a location in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

Eventually, Mario and his allies travel to Land's End, the edge of the world. After traveling under a desert and battling enemies through an underground cavern, the heroes stumble upon Belome Tower. Once again, Mario's party must fight the four-eyed monster. However, in this battle, Belome not only eats party members, he also has the ability to create clones of Mario and his allies. Additionally, Belome can (like the previous battle) use his huge tongue as a bludgeoning weapon. However, Belome trades in his S'Crow Funk attack for more sleeping spells (including the Light Beam and the Aurora Flash). Unfortunately, these new sleep attacks can put the whole party to sleep, instead of just one party member.

After this battle, Belome gets incredibly hungry, and disappears for the rest of the game. However, if Mario and his party travel back to Belome Temple, they will discover a golden Belome statue guarding a room full of treasures. If Mario presents the statue the key from Monstro Town, the golden effigy will eat the key and disappear, allowing Mario to claim the treasures for himself.

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