Beetleworx are enemies created by the Mad Doctor in Epic Mickey.


Tankers are the strongest types of Beetleworx. When it sees Mickey, it will either shoot Paint or Thinner. When it is close to Mickey, it will punch him. Paint can slow it down. When it reveals a green button, he must hit it with his spin move. In Tomorrow City, it has an Alien Plasma from Lilo and Stitch with a golden light cycle. In Bog Easy, it has a poison apple for its body and the head of the Evil Queen's Hag form. The one that has the head of Hades from Hercules and Mickey's Car is scrapped, because this will be to frightening for children and ruin Mean Street.


Hoppers are the weakest types of Beetleworx. They cluck like chickens. Paint won't work and Thinner can remove their armor. In Mickeyjunk Mountain, it has Scuttle or Wilbur from The Little Mermaid or The Rescuers. In Bog Easy and Ventureland, it has one of the vultures from The Jungle Book.


Spinners are Beetleworx that are equipped with buzz saws and has a tea cup on its back. The first one has a Skeleton Spider from The Mad Doctor Cartoon. The one that has a Hopper's model is scrapped in Tomorrow City. Sometimes, they have teacups turned back.


Bashers are the last types of Beetleworx. When it spins, Mickey must avoid it and when a green button appears, he must hit it. In Ventureland, it has one of Hook's Pirates. In Bog Easy it has Skeletons


There are two unknown varieties of Beetleworx, like the one with the head of Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio and Dumbo's legs from Dumbo and one that looks like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean that throws bombs at Mickey.

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