Beastman is a recurring playable character in the F-ZERO video game series. He made his first appearance in the 1998 Nintendo 64 title F-Zero X. The character has also appeared outside of video games, in the anime F-Zero: GP Legend.

Beastman suffered a near-death encounter with crocodiles as a child. He thereafter became a hunter, and dedicated himself to protecting people from dangerous wild animals. After dealing with all of the creatures on his home planet, he entered the F-Zero circuit for publicity reasons, and continues to race in order to protect the crowd and the other racers from the perceived threat of the monstrous Bio Rex.


Beastman was born Christopher Annex, a shy child who nearly died when he was mauled by a crocodile on planet White. The incident left him severely physically scarred, but the damage to his mind was much more extreme. After surviving the traumatic attack, he committed his life to killing wild animals and protecting people from them. Once he had wiped out all the beasts on his homeworld, Beastman entered the F-Zero Grand Prix to promote himself. His aggressive racing style made him a success, and he soon crossed paths with the dinosaur Bio Rex. Believing the creature to be dangerous, Beastman vowed to protect the fans and other racers from him.

Beastman's vehicle is the Hyper Speeder, which was formerly a fighter craft he discovered in the jungle. It has since been rebuilt into an F-Zero machine by Dr. Clash, and boasts exceptional grip.

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