Bear Hugger is one of the opponents in the Punch-Out!! series. He has appeared in both the arcade and SNES versions of Super Punch-Out!! and will appear in the upcoming Punch-Out!! game for the Wii. He is the first opponent in the arcade game, and the second opponent in the SNES game.

As the first opponent in the arcade version of Super Punch-Out!!, he is the Champion of Canada, and is relatively simple, but at the same time very strong. Unlike the preview game's first opponent, Glass Joe, Bear Hugger requires a bit more strategy to beat. First of all, he is immune to body blows, and will only stick his tongue out at the player if they try. Second, his signature move, the "Bear Hug", is a one-hit KO, and the only way to avoid it is to duck. Other than that, though, he is still simple enough to defeated without too much of a problem.

In the SNES version of Super Punch-Out!!, he is the second opponent in the Minor Circuit, after Gabby Jay. Like his previous incarnation, he is immune to body blows and will attack with his signature move, the "Bear Hug". However, the Bear Hug is much weaker than the arcade version, as it will only damage the player and not KO him in one shot.

Bear Hugger also appears in the latest Punch-Out!! game for the Wii. He is the second opponent of the Major Circuit, and more backstory is given to him, showing how he lives in the woods and trains with an actual bear. In this game, however, he is not completely immune to body blows, though he still has his signature "Bear Hug" move, this time being more powerful than the SNES game, but not as powerful as the arcade game. During the Title Defense mode, Bear Hugger returns, this time with a squirrel hiding under and hat he wears. The Squirrel doesn't do much to help, other than waking Bear Hugger up after he gets knocked down. He becomes tricker to defeat this time around, though, as he has two different types of being stunned, once after you hit him when he misses, and another after Little Mac star punches him, during which, Little Mac can hit him repeatedly, whereas if he's only in the first stunned phase, Little Mac can only hit him once. In addition, Bear Hugger also fakes out his "Bear Hugs".


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  • "Watch out! I am a killer - I am the Bear Hugger!"
  • "Need a hug?"
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