Beach Bowl Galaxy is a beach-themed galaxy found in Super Mario Galaxy accessed from the Kitchen.


Initial Planet

Waterfall Planet

Glacier Planet

Cyclone Planet


  • Sunken Treasure
  • Passing the Swim Test
  • The Secret Undersea Cavern
  • Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone (Fast Foe Comet)
  • Beachcombing for Purple Coins (Purple Comet)
  • Wall Jumping Up Waterfalls (Secret)


  • In all the levels in this galaxy (except the Fast Foe comet), Coach will say different things to Mario:
    • Sunken Treasure - Coach tells Mario that his students are distracted by the underwater Star Chips (sparkly things, as he calls it).
    • Passing the Swim Test - Coach tells Mario that if he gets the Gold Shell, he'll get an automatic A.
    • The Secret Undersea Cavern - Coach tells Mario not to break the underwater cavern wall.
    • Beachcombing for Purple Coins - Coach tells Mario that his swim class is getting free time and tells him to play nice.
  • Loopdeeloop Galaxy, Sea Slide Galaxy, and Loopdeeswoop Galaxy share the same music that plays in this galaxy.
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