Batton Bone (known as Battonbon in Japanese) is an enemy from the Mega Man X series. They behave like Bubble Bats from the Classic Mega Man series, except they can be shot when they're hanging upside down.


Mega Man X

Batton Bone is an enemy part of the Batton Bone series. They appeared in stage, such as Armored Armadillo, Chill Penguin, and the second Sigma stage. They take one hit to kill.

Mega Man X2 and the Xtreme Series

Batton Bone G is an enemy in Mega Man X2. They appear in Crystal Snail and Bubble Crab's stages. In Mega Man Xtreme, Batton Bone G's appear in Armored Armadillo and Chill Penguin's stages. In Mega Man Xtreme 2, they appear in Neon Tiger, Volt Catfish and the some of the final stages.

Mega Man X Collection

Batton Bone B81

Batton Bone B81 is a Bubble Bat equipped with legs. It drops bombs at Mega Man X or Zero.

Batton Bone B82

Battton Bone B82 is an enemy in the Mega Man X5 category in Mega Man X Collection in Mattrex and Dark Dizzy's stages.

Mega Man X: Command Mission

Bat Bone

Bat Bone (known as Batton Bones in Japan) is a basic enemy that appears in Lagrano Ruins. There is also a deactivated bat bone in Gimialla Mine.


Batfighter, known as Batton Eater in Japanese is another variety of Batton Bone in Mega Man X: Command Mission. It has red wings and green eyes. It causes the Beserk status. It's more aggressive than the other ones, because it can drain the character's energy.


  • Batton Bones are only absent in Mega Man X3.

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