Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch based on the Battle Chasers graphic novel series. It was originally scheduled to drop in the latter months of 2017, but was delayed to May 2018.



The main gameplay is the player traveling dungeons in an isometric perspective with various puzzles to solve and obstacles to avoid. Each of the player characters has special abilities to help with traps. The game also has an overworld map connecting the dungeons. If the player comes in contact with an enemy, an RPG battle will begin.

The RPG battle system consists of up to three members of the player's party fighting against up to three opponents. The player has the typical HP and MP bars with the stats being Stamina, Will, Attack Power, Physical Defense, Magic Defense, Crit, Haste, and Evade along with effects from up to 5 pieces of different equipment. The turn order is shown on the left side of the screen with haste moving the character up in the turn order. The battle menu includes Action (basic attack and defense options), Abilities (Unique moves that require Mana and use overcharge), Burst (Special moves that require the burst gauge to fill up enough), Items and Flee. Doing actions earns boosts to the Burst gauge. Completing certain conditions like ending the battle in a few rounds will earn the player more experience with multipliers.


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