Battle Cars is a racing game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System that was developed by Malibu and published by Namco. It's a futuristic racing game in which cars are equipped with missiles, grenade launchers, and sliding disks which are used to eliminate opponents.


The player can select from three vehicles at the start of the game in a variety of colors, to be played for the duration of the game. The choices are a spiked vehicle, a hot rod, and a formula one-style race car. The vehicles driven by the level bosses are unavailable. The player can upgrade the vehicle by using cash earned by defeating enemies on cross-country circuits. Each category may be upgraded to level eight. The game features three weapons. These can be upgraded up to five levels, each increasing in speed and accuracy. Weapon upgrades are purchased using credits obtained from quickly completing Cross-Country races.


Battle Cars take place in the 22nd century. The overthrow of the industrial revolution condemned the earth to abusing it: all industries exploited the secondary sector and overpopulation and poor environmental quality was due to the use of obsolete and highly polluting machinery to reduce production costs. Global warming has increased considerably. The twenty-first century advances towards the greenhouse effect and it begins to show the first effects: the polar caps have been loosened at alarming speed.

The sea level rose dramatically and the alert was worldwide, and although millions died because of the sea level rise, others demanded blood, having been discovered hidden in the world since the Gulf War. The powerful invented a war against fictitious environmental terrorists and the world changed. The beginning of the twentieth century saw a new world order emerged: survivors of devastation lived in the state city and the people, stroncanto from Several warriors years, demanded a new sport ... Combat Cars ... technology ... aggression ... Combat Cars. Battle Cars got the same popularity as past performers and the only rule among the few rules left , For those who mastered the art of killing with the Battle Cards, was to be always winning.

Quote: Battle Cars Education Manual, page 4.
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