Battle Bond(JP) is an event-exclusive Pokémon ability introduced in the seventh generation that turns Greninja into Ash-Greninja. This was given to anyone who completed the Sun and Moon demo before the release of the game.


After the ability holder causes an opponent to faint, it will change form into Ash-Greninja. In this form, its Water Shuriken's base power is raised from 15 to 20 and always hits 3 times. After his transformation into Ash-Greninja, even if Battle Bond is suppressed by Gastro Acid, the ability holder will not change back to its original form.

If Ash-Greninja faints in battle, it will revert back to original form. Battle Bond will no longer activate, even if Greninja is revived and defeats another Pokémon in battle. After the battle, the Pokémon reverts to its original form. This Ability cannot be replaced by Role Play.

Pokémon with the Ability



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