Battling Blowfish

The Battiling Blowfish in it's first form

The Battiling Blowfish is a boss in Mii Force.

First Phase

The Battiling Blowfish first appears at the end of Prospecter's Trench on Planet Aquatis, where it's pilot is surprised by how the player managed to get that far, but than decides to attack the player with the Battiling Blowfish. In this phase, the Battiling Blowfish will fire a large beam at the player, to damage it, the player must attack the tailfins at the back of it. When the Battiling Blowfish is defeated, it will explode and transform into it's second form.

Second Phase

In the second phase, the Battiling Blowfish can no longer fire a large beam, but it can charge at the player with retractable spikes. The player must still attack the tailfins to damage it. When it is defeated, it will once again explode and transform into it's final form.

Final Phase

In the final phase, The Battiling Blowfish can no longer fire a beam nor charge at the player, instead, it can only fire a stream of laser bullets, similar to the Gunship and the Monster Mech. When it is defeated, a large number of explosions will occur on The Battiling Blowfish, making it go haywire and bounce around the room, a large explosion will occur shortly after, which completely destroys it and it's pilot.

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