Batman is a Nintendo Entertainment System game, and later for Game Boy, released by Sunsoft. It is based on the 1989 film of the same name. The game loosely follows the plot of the movie, and takes place within its own continuity. It was followed with a sequel Batman: Return of the Joker in 1991. The following major motion picture also received an adaption as 1992's Batman Returns.


Gotham City is a dark, deserted city that is plagued by crime and violence. While the citizens go forth with their plans for the city's 200th Anniversary Festival, the Joker emerges as the crime boss of Gotham and begins spreading terror by releasing DDID nerve gas into the city. The vigilante, Batman, is the only hero who can stop the Joker and his men.

Batman drives to Gotham City in his souped-up Batmobile and begins his investigation of the Nerve Gas Scandal on main street, which is all but deserted with the exception of the Joker's minions. He then ascends the city's various high-rise buildings, which are desolate steel skeletons and the remains of a freeway around a shopping mall. Finally making it to City Hall, Batman encounters Killer Moth blocking his way. The two engage in battle, and Batman defeats him with his arsenal.

Without wasting any time, Batman heads out for the Joker's hideout; Axis Chemical Factory. Using the Batmobile's machine guns, Batman forces his way into the factory. The very nature of the factory provides numerous hazards for Batman. He must cross the Liquid Waste Floor involved in chemical waste production, avoid the Spark Floor used to power the facility, as well as the Conveyer Belt Floor where chemicals are refined. At the end of his search, Batman is trapped and is left to outsmart the Machine Intelligence System in the Nerve Center. With the Machine Intelligence System defeated, Batman escapes and destroys the factory.

With the Joker one step ahead of him, Batman falls into a trap upon his escape from Axis Chemical Factory. Trapped in an Underground Conduit, Batman must navigate sewers that run though all of Gotham where the running water generates power for the Underground Station in the Cavern. Batman finds the secret exit in the Cavern, but is blocked by the Electrocutioner. With no choice, Batman is left to fight him, until the Electrocutioner's defeat allows Batman to proceed.

Stil tracking the Joker, Batman finds another one of the Joker's hideouts, the Laboratory Ruins; a dilapidated Research Facility that is now populated by the Joker's genetic engineering experiments. Fighting his way through, Batman then finds himself in a nearly empty warehouse, where he avoids the hazards of research engineering tools and equipment, energy conduits, and deadly motors. The Thermal Processing Plant in the next room pits Batman against a red hot flame used to process waste and refuse. Before he exits, Batman destroys the Dual-Container Alarm Boss.

Trusting his secret Transmitter, Batman corners the Joker at the Cathedral. Batman takes to the skies with his customized Batwing jet as his form of transportation. In his pursuit, Batman tackles the narrow staircase leading up to the Belltower where the Joker is. Anticipating this, the Joker's bodyguard, Firebug attacks Batman before he can get any closer. Batman fends him off before engaging in a vicious battle with the Joker himself. With the Joker beaten, Batman comes to the realization that the Joker was responsible for the murders of his parents. A powerful punch sends the Joker reeling over the edge of the Belltower to his death on the pavement below.

Prototype version

The prototype of the game goes by a substantially different storyline than the finished version, which was altered, presumably to make it more similar to the film it was based on. Most notably, the Joker survives, which leads into the sequel, Batman: Return of the Joker.

Batman involvement in the Nerve Gas Scandal came about after photojournalist Vicki Vale was kidnapped for finding key information in the case. A tip from a street thug leads Batman to look for her in the streets of Gotham City. Batman finds Vicki at City Halls, and rescues her after the defeat of Killer Moth. Her intelligence informs Batman that the Nerve Gas is being produced at Axis Chemicals, which prompts him to go investigate.

Batman's pursuit of the Joker to the Belltower finds Batman walking in on the Joker calmly waiting for him in a chair. Out of the shadows, his bodyguard, Firebug, jumps out to attack Batman. After a brutal fight, the Joker assumes Batman is defeated. He only realizes his mistake when he turns to see Batman standing behind him. After a powerful punch, the Joker is finally taken in by Batman.


Image Name Description Stage
BatmanSprite Batman After the loss of his parents as a child, Batman goes out to seek vengeance by declaring a war on crime. Armed with futuristic gadgets, he'll stop at nothing until justice is served. 1-5
JokerSprite The Joker Described as the "Master of Evil," the Joker is Gotham City's crime boss, and puts his skills in science and chemistry to deadly use. After his previous plans were foiled by Batman, the Joker now seeks to take him out permanently. Joker attacks with his oversized revolver and by shooting electricity. 5
Vicki Vale Vicki Vale works as a daring photojournalist, following the gas scandal before she was kidnapped by the Joker. After being saved by Batman multiple times, she in turn has helped him out with key information regarding the Joker's plan.


Image Name Description Stage
KillerMothSprite Killer Moth An assassin hired by the Joker, Killer Moth attacks by flying around and shooting fireballs. Killer Moth was waiting outside City Hall, where he ambushed Batman upon his arrival. 1
MachineIntelligence Machine Intelligence The Machine Intelligence is a security system located in the Nerve Center of Axis Chemicals. The Machine Intelligence involves three levels of defense; an electric current controller, which sends a shock when Batman attempts to advance across a moving pillar and two cannons aimed at the entry. The third level is awakened once Batman destroyed the previous two: the Nerve Center is the center of the system, and shoots a spread shot at its intruder. 2
TheElectrocutionerSprite The Electrocutioner The Electrocutioner is stationed in the Cavern in the sewers of Gotham, with the intention to block Batman's escape from the Joker trap. The Electrocutioner is self-electrogenic, and is described as the strongest warrior on earth. His main attack is called "Moon Attacker," which is a 10 Mega-Giga volt killer beam shot out of his arm. 3
DualContainerAlarm Dual-Container Alarm The Dual Container Alarm is a computer system Batman must destroy before he leaves the Joker's laboratory. He attacks with dual-container vehicles that will attack any intruder. In the instance of Batman's arrival, he also shoots out firebombs. 4
FirebugSprite Firebug Firebug was hired as Joker's personal bodyguard. He holds a personal vendetta against Batman for the defeat of his brother. Guarding the Joker at the Bell Tower, Firebug jumps at the opportunity to protect his boss and get revenge. He attacks by throwing 600 °C fireballs that instantly dissolve anything into atomic pieces. He's described as Batman's toughest enemy, second only to the Joker. 5


Image Name Description Stage
Shakedown Shakedown Shakedown, gifted with strength and endurance will rush at Batman to attack him. 1&2
Heatwave Heatwave Heatwave uses his knowledge of pyrotechnics to shoot his Fire Gun at Batman. 1-5
KGBEastSprite K.G. Beast An assassin skilled in martial arts, K.G. Beast fights Batman with both his sword and Shuriken. 1
TheEnforcer The Enforcer A skilled martial artist, the Enforcer hunts Batman with his rocket back-pack and attacks his machine gun. 1
Deadshot Deadshot An assassin and deadly marksman, Deadshot crouches until he finds an open shot at Batman. 1&2
Nightslayer Nightslayer Nightslayer is also skilled in martial arts. He moves slow, but delivers a sharp blow with his nail weapon. 2&4
Maxiezeus Maxiezeus Maxiezeus is a criminal mastermind. He will rush at Batman to attack him. 4
JaderSprite Jader "Jader" is a biological weapon resulting from the Joker's genetic engineering experiments. It attacks by jumping at Batman. 3&4
MobileHomeMineSprite Mobile Home Mine The Mobile Home Mines will follow Batman before detonating. 1-4
MobileTracker Mobile Tracker The Mobile Tracker is a security device programming to move at accelerating speeds at a trespasser. 1-5
JavelinSprite Javelin The Javelin will shoot a long spear out at Batman. 2&5
DropClaw Drop Claw The Drop Claw is mounted on the ceiling, and will drop moving bombs at Batman. 2-5
RailRunner Rail Runner The Rail Runner moves left to right on the rail its attacked to and attacks intruders. 4
EEV EEV The EEV is a powerful machine that fires its weapons like a cannon. 3&5
Gluk Gluk Gluk is the industrial waste byproduct of the DDID nerve gas. It's found on the floors of Axis Chemical Factory and is hazardous if come into contact with. 2



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