Batman: The Telltale Series is an episodic adventure game developed by Telltale Games. The game follows Batman and his alter-ego, Bruce Wayne as he looks into his family's past and discovers criminal connections to his dead parents. A second season has been announced as Batman: The Enemy Within.


The player loosely control Batman as both the caped crusader and his alter-ego as the game progresses. Like other games by Telltale Games, the gameplay is mainly split with a bit of point-and-click exploration and big narrative choices that change the plot of the game, with the choices affect the rest of the series.

The game features a mode called "Crowd Play" which functions similar to the The Jackbox Party Pack. An audience can watch the player and then use a code on Telltale's website to participate in the decision-making process. These votes can appear as results to guide the player's decision or, the player can choose an option to make the more popular decision automatically made.


The game is split into 5 episodes for the first season. The game's narrative is a wholly original iteration with no ties to any other existing media.

Episode 1: Realm of Shadows

Episode 2: Children of Arkham

Episode 3: New World Order

Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham

Episode 5: City of Light


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