Bathroom (2f)

Luigi in the second floor bathroom.

The Bathroom refers to one of two rooms located on the first and second floor of Luigi's Mansion. The Bathroom on the second floor houses the Portrait Ghost Miss Petunia.

Bathroom (1F)

The first floor bathroom is a simple room with a bathtub, sink, and a mirror. as Luigi enters he is instantly attacked by a new type of ghost called Grabbing Ghost. These enemies fight back at Luigi by grabbing on them. Luigi must shake the ghosts off him and suck them in. Afterwards, Luigi gets a call from Professor E. Gadd on how to defeat these enemies.

Bathroom (2F)

The Bigger of the two, this bathroom has a more fancy sink and tub and houses Miss Petunia. When Luigi enters, he sees a silhouette of a tall slim girl behind the shower curtain, he pulls back the curtain just to find out that it is the obese Miss Petunia. She shoots hot water at Luigi and he counters with ice causing Miss Petunia to be stunned and vacuumed. When Luigi defeats Petunia, she releases the key to the Billards Room.

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