Basilio ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Awakening.


Basilio is the West-Khan of the country Ferox, and respects strength and valor. He often acts and speaks in a silly way, but has the strength befitting of his position. His friend and rival, Flavia, calls him an oaf due to his attitude, but he is actually quite quick-witted. His personality is like a stubborn big brother and he exhibits a fatherly side to Chrom's group. He has the quickest reflexes and biggest reactions in the army. His birthday is August 13.


Despite his time as the ruler of Ferox, Basilio often enjoyed leaving the castle for entertainment. He sees Flavia as both a friend and a rival, although he is afraid of her sometimes due to her threats whenever he accidentally agitates her. Basilio is often viewed as the father-figure of the group due to his old age and personality. He acknowledges the skills of others greatly, as shown when he gave the Shepherds his former champion Lon'qu as a sign of respect for beating his new champion. Basilio is also a heavy drinker, as shown with some pre-battle dialogue and a conversation between him and Walhart where he states that he is the "Walking Cask of Ferox".

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