Baseball is one of the 6 sports featured in Wii Sports. It can be played in either 1 or 2 player mode.

Rules and controls

You always start the game by batting, unless if you're playing 2 player mode and you happen to be to unfortunate Player 2. To bat and pitch, you have to swing the Wiimote. If you pitch, your goal is to get the batters out. If the batter fails to bat the pitches three times, then they become out by strikeout. If the batter hits the ball but the ball gets caught, the batter is out. If the batter hits the ball but it doesn't make it to the field, that is a foul ball and it counts as a strike. However, after 2 strikes (of any kind) the batter may get unlimited foul balls until the batter is struck out or if the batter hits the ball and it gets caught or not caught. If the batter hits the ball, it may travel into the audience and become a home run. If one batter runs home it counts as one point (or run as it counts in baseball). The same goes for 2 batters, 3 batters, only going up to 4 batters. It could be a grand slam if all the bases are taken (first base, second base, third base, and home plate). It is possible to control your pitches as shown below.

A+B Splitter

A Curveball

B Screwball

None Fastball

You can press 1 to bowl underarm (But it wont make a difference).

D-pad to control the direction of your pitch

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