Barrel Cannon Canyon is the fifth level found in Donkey Kong Country and the fifth and last level found in Kongo Jungle.

This level introduces Barrel Cannons which shoot Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong throughout the level and this level is scattered with these newly introduced Barrels almost throughout the entire level. Some Barrel Cannons must be used wisely because some choose the direction and if the Kongs aim the Barrel Cannon incorrectly, they can crash into enemies or lose a life if they fall in a bottomless pit. This level features many Kritters which are scattered a lot throughout this level's land and these Kritters come in a variety of colors. Zingers are other enemies that make an appearance in this level which fly over abysses and make it formerly difficult to shoot out of the Barrel Cannons correctly. When the Kongs complete this level, they can then challenge Very Gnawty.

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