A Plain, Wooden Barrel

Wooden Barrels are the most common barrels that you can find in the entire DK series. They were first seen in the original Donkey Kong arcade game, as the most common and most easily recognizable item that Mario must avoid. They then were put in the Donkey Kong Country trilogy as the most common barrels in the game.


Donkey Kong

Wooden Barrels in the original Donkey Kong game were the most common weapon used in 25m. Donkey Kong (now known as Cranky Kong), would throw them down the support beams and ladders in an attempt to get rid of Mario (known as Jumpman back then). Jumpman would have to jump over each barrel, touching one would cause instant death. A rare hammer could break the barrels as well.

Donkey Kong Country

Wooden Barrels came along again in the DKC Trilogy as weapons tha could be thrown at enemies or hidden Bonus Room entrances. They come in very handy, and are fortunately very common. Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and any other playable member of the Kong Family in the series could pick up and throw these barrels anywhere. Wooden Barrels could kill enemies that even Donkey Kong can't kill.

Even some enemies in the series use Wooden Barrels as weapons. Manky Kongs have an unlimited supply an throw them at any passing Kong. Klobbers and Knockas would hide in barrels, and ram into a Kong with them. TNT Knockas would hide in TNT Barrels and would explode at the slightest touch.

Vine Barrels


Vine Barrels are a type or variation of wooden barrel that gets their names from the obvious vines wrapped around them. They are like Wooden Barrels in almost every way, as they are picked up and thrown the same way. There is one notable difference, though, and it is that once thrown, Vine Barrels shatter after conact with anything, including the floor, unlike Wooden Barrels that roll across the floor until they hit a wall.

Barrels list

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