Baroque is a role-playing game by Sting that was remade for the Wii in 2008. The game was localized by Atlus. In 2020, Sting announced a port to the Nintendo Switch based on the original 1998 version. Unlike traditional roguelikes, the player's death contributes to the story progress. The player still loses all their items and levels and has to restart the tower, but new areas in the tower can be unlocked.


The goal of the game is to complete the Neuro Tower to the bottom floor. The layout of the floors are randomly generated with the portals on each floor bringing the player to the next. The player starts each time outside the tower, receiving the Angelic Rifle, a weapon that can destroy any monster, but is limited to 5 rounds. The player gathers equipment in the tower and earns experience points. This is lost upon death, but select items can be saved for the next playthrough by using a consciousness orb.

The player's health is indicated through two gauges; the hit points and vitality. The player dies once hitpoints is depleted. The vitality depreciates over time and once empty, it will decrease the hit point gauge. The gauges can be refilled by consuming flesh and hearts to restore hitpoins and vitality respectively.


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