Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain is a board in Mario Party: Island Tour. The board's gimmick is avoiding getting hit by the Banzai Bill or risking it by going further.


Unlike usual, the Dice Block has 5 numbers with the sixth side has a Banzai Bill which will launch a Banzai Bill. Any player on a red space will be knocked off either to start or halfway point depending on where on the map. Every 3rd turn, the players play a minigame to get a move bonus. First place gets 5 spaces, second place gets 3 spaces and third gets 1 space with fourth getting none. Once a player reaches the halfway point, the cannon on the bottom stops firing.

Board Elements

The first half of the board consists of 5 unsafe spaces with the first 4 diverting to safe spaces with the sixth space being the halfway point. The second half consists of 7 unsafe spaces with the first five diverting to safe spaces. The final space is a Banzai Bill Space which activates the Banzai Bill immediately.
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