The Banktoad is a green Toad that appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and Super Mario Odyssey. He is very similar to Mailtoad.

When a player collects some Star Bits, instead of carrying them around with them, they could deposit their Star Bits to Banktoad on Starship Mario. They could also withdraw their Star Bits as well.

For every thousand or two thousand Star Bits a player deposits to Banktoad, he will get different costumes that he'll wear. Also, when a player deposits 9999 Star Bits to Banktoad after collecting the Comet Medal on the Grandmaster Galaxy, the Prankster Comet for the Grandmaster Galaxy is unlocked.

In Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Banktoad appears in some levels to help Captain Toad. He also appears in the first set of bonus levels, where the goal is to find three Toads and take them to a platform that only rises when four characters are standing on it to reach the Power Star. If he or any member of the Toad Brigade other than Captain Toad is hit by an enemy, the player will instantly lose a life.

In Super Mario Odyssey, Banktoad can be found on the highest point of the Forgotten Isle in the Lost Kingdom, where he is planning on opening a Crazy Cap store.

List of Banktoad costumes in order

  • 0-999 Star Bits: Banktoad will simply hold a Star Bit.
  • 1000-1999 Star Bits: Banktoad will get some glasses.
  • 2000-3999 Star Bits: Banktoad will get a big spear and a shield.
  • 4000-5999 Star Bits: Banktoad will get a mining shovel.
  • 6000-7999 Star Bits: Banktoad will get a scuba diving mask.
  • 8000-9999 Star Bits: Banktoad will get a helmet with a light.

9999 Star Bits is the maximum amount of Star Bits Banktoad can hold.

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