The Banana Cup comprises four courses, each of which is taken from the Nitro Cups of the previous Mario Kart games, mostly the Mushroom Cup and Flower Cup, although occasionally Star Cup and Special Cup tracks are featured. The cup's symbol is a Banana Peel, and the cup's tracks are slightly more difficult and/or longer when compared to those of the Shell Cup. Its length and difficulty is on par with the Flower Cup. The Banana Cup also returns in Mario Tennis Open for the Nintendo 3DS. It appears after the Flower Cup and before the Champions Cup.

List of Courses

Games 1 2 3 4
Mario Kart DS SNES
Donut Plains 1
Frappe Snowland
Bowser Castle 2
Baby Park
Mario Kart Wii N64
Sherbet Land
Shy Guy Beach
Delfino Square
Waluigi Stadium
Mario Kart 7 N64
Koopa Beach
Mario Circuit 2
Coconut Mall
Waluigi Pinball
Mario Kart 8 (Deluxe) GCN
Dry Dry Desert
Donut Plains 3
Royal Raceway
DK Jungle

Mario Tennis Open

In Mario Tennis Open, the Banana Cup is the third cup in the World Open series. It is played on the DK Jungle court, and matches have one set for the starting round, three sets for the semifinals, and five sets for the finals. This cup can be unlocked by beating the Flower Cup, and once beaten will unlock the Champions Cup. The CPU difficulty is one step harder than that of the Flower Cup's.

Trading Card info

"The Retro Cup racing festival peels off four challenging drives with the Banana Cup. It consists of one track from N64, one from Game Boy Advance, one from DS and one from GameCube... all with somewhat challenging levels of difficulty for Grand Prix or Time Trials competition."


  • In Mario Kart 8, this is the only cup in the game with all courses taking place in the daytime, and is the only Banana Cup so far to have this trait. It is also one of two cups in the game to use the same character as Staff Ghosts in two tracks of the same cup (being Peach in Dry Dry Desert and Royal Raceway), the other being the Egg Cup (being Mario in Excitebike Arena and Mute City)

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