Magister Baltrich is an Indoline in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Baltrich is one of the multiple Magisters from the Indoline Praetorium during the Aegis War. As a high ranking official of the Praetorium, he was one of Amalthus' main political opponents during his rise to power. He is known to have held a grudge against Amalthus mostly due to Malos.


Baltrich is introduced as a Magister who hold a powerful position in the Indoline Paetorium. At the begining of Torna, he already express doubt regarding Malos and Amalthus. After Malos destroys Coetia, Baltrich informs Praetor Rhadallis about the destruction of the Titan and express his doubt about Amalthus, claiming that the Magisters are disaproving of Malos' actions. Rhadallis tells him that everything is proceeding according to The Architect's will, and that he would put the blame on Amalthus if the situation goes completely out of control.

Stanniflater speaks with Amalthus in a long hallway and reveals to him that Baltrich disapproves of Amalthus' work and his awakening of Malos. He then tell him that Rhadallis won't protect him forever and that Baltrich will get him eventually if he doesn't act. After the destruction of Torna, Amalthus poison Rhadallis to usurp his position as Praetor and has Baltrich assassinated by a Flesh Eater to safeguard his position.

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