Balloon Man is a character from the Game & Watch video game Balloon Fight. The game's instruction booklet describes the character as a member of the Sky Patrol. Prior to the events of the game, the Balloon Man defeated the powerful Oiram Repus and sent him and his henchmen to jail. Oiram managed to escape, and his henchmen tore a map up that revealed where he was hiding. They then tied the torn up map pieces to balloons and let them float away. Balloon Man's goal in the game is to collect all of the balloons with map pieces so that he can find the hiding place of Oiram Repus.


While official art differs somewhat in colors, the box art depicts him as having a red helmet, red boots, blue gloves, red balloons, and a mostly white suit. His helmet also has a blue-tinted visor and a small yellow decoration on the front. He also wears a jetpack, and has a somewhat large nose.


  • The manual somewhat hints at there being multiple Balloon Men, and that this just the title given to the Sky Patrols.
  • Besides the Mii you play as in Balloon Trip Breeze in Nintendo Land, Balloon Man is the only playable Balloon Fight character which does not flap their arms to fly.
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