Artwork of Balloon Kirby for Kirby: Canvas' Curse.

Balloon Kirby is one of Kirby's copy abilities that was introduced in Kirby Canvas Curse. It is mainly obtained from Bloon. While this ability is active, Kirby is inflated like a balloon and becomes bigger and bouncier. He otherwise remain a pink orb as he does not have limb in the game the ability was introduced.


Balloon Kirby is a limited use ability similar to mike, festival, or crash. However, it is slightly different. Balloon Kirby allows kirby to inflate and hover in a game that does not allow Kirby to use his hover technic. In this form, Kirby can be inflated three times before he pops. Inflating kirby will make him rise slightly into the air. He will bounce on every surface he encounters. After inflating Kirby three times, he will pop the next time he is inflated, which causes a large shockwave that stuns every enemy on screen and makes them vulnerable to attacks. After Kirby pops, he will return to his ball form and loose the ability.



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