Balloon Fight-e is an e-Reader game released in 2002. The game is a port of the Nintendo Entertainment System video game Balloon Fight and was part of the initial batch of classic NES ports for the e-Reader. The player could play the game by scanning five cards, each one with two barcodes excluding the fifth one, which only had one.. When the game was first released, it cost a suggested retail price of $4.99, though as the e-Reader lost momentum the price dropped in many stores. This game is also identical to the japan-only Famicom Mini: Balloon Fight.


Card 1 of 5/codes 1-2

English flavor text: Enemy balloons are coming and they're armed with more than just hot air. Man your balloon quickly and counter-attack. The balloon fight is on!

+ Control Pad Moves player (up &down not used)

L Button + R Button Resets game to Title Screen

START Start/Pause

SELECT Selects game mode

  • Game A is a single player game
  • Game B is called Balloon Trip

A Button Press once to flap arms once (to jump) Press repeatedly to fly

B Button Hold to flap arms continuously (to fly)

Card 2 of 5/codes 3-4

How to play Hop aboard your balloon and try to burst an enemy's balloon. Hit the enemy from above and send it into the drink below.

Strike again as the enemy floats down or it will return with a stronger attack. Watch for enemy bubbles rising out of the sea and pop them for extra points!

Flying with only one balloon is difficult, so guard your balloons carefully! If both balloons pop, you'll fall into the water and lose a life. Fall into the water three times and your game is over.

Card 3 of 5/codes 5-6

Scoring Pop an enemy's balloon...............500-1,000 points Destroy a parachute in-mid-air.....1,000-2,000 points Kick an enemy and make him fall......750-1,500 points Pop a bubble...............................500 points

BEWARE! If the parachutist lands safely, he'll blow up another balloon and take off into the sky again. If this happens, he'll be even stronger than before!

Card 4 of 5/codes 7-8

BALLOON TRIP In this game, the scene drifts slowly from left to right.

Be careful not to get hit by lightning or run into stars while you try to pop as many balloons as possible.

Keep your eye on the rank displayed in the top-right corner of the screen. Try to be number 1.

Points Pop a balloon......................300-700 points Pop a bubble...........................500 points Pop 20 balloons in a row................?? points

Card 5 of 5/code 9

TIPS Watch out! If you fly too close to the water, a fish might stick out his head and eat you.

Avoid getting hit by lightning bolts by popping enemy balloons as quickly as possible.

For top marks, burst an enemy's balloon and then rip his parachute while he's on his way down.

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