List of quotes made by Bald Bull.

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

  • "My barber didn't know when to quit... Do you?"
  • "Doc can't help you now. Will you beg me for help?"
  • "Zip your lip, Doc! Little Mac is mine now!"
  • "This time I'm gonna charge right over you."
  • "Hey! Little Mac! Maybe Doc should throw you a towel!"

Super Punch-Out!!

  • "You'll be down for the count with one punch from my 'Bull Charge'."
  • "You've got a lot of guts to challenge me again!"
  • "Don't be so proud. I pulled my punches when we fought."

Punch-Out!! (Wii)

In this game, Bald Bull speaks his native language, Turkish.

  • "Yerim seni lan!" (I'll eat you up!)
  • "Al lan!" (Take this!)
  • "Ah be." (Damn it./Aww, shucks.)
  • "Şimdi gösteririm! (Now I'll show you!)
  • "Ben de onun kemiklerini catir cutur kirmassam bana da 'Bald Bull' demesinler" (If I don't crack his bones, I don't deserve to be called 'Bald Bull')
  • "Gelsene Lan!" (Come!)
  • "Hey Doc, Mac'e dayak yemeyi mi ogretiyorsun?" (Hey Doc, are you teaching Mac how to get beaten up?)
  • "Kahretsin!" (Damn!)
  • "Little Mac, yani ise yaramaz Mac." (Little Mac, in other words useless Mac.)
  • "Seni Bald Bull'dan kimse kurtaramaz." (No one can save you from Bald Bull.)
  • "Seni samar oglani yapacagim." (I'm gonna make you my punching bag.)
  • "Vay Be." (Impressive)
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