The Bacoon is a Star Fox boss that made its debut in Star Fox 64. it used to be an ordinary giant clam, but Andross brought its under his control during his rise to power. The Bacoon is the boss of the stage Terror of the Deep, which takes place on the planet Aquas.


During its introduction, the Bacoon will have its shell closed. When it notices that Fox McCloud has come near where it is stationed, the Bacoon will open the shell and glare at the Blue Marine menacingly. it then closes the shell to protects from attack.

Phases 1 & 2

During phase 1, the Bacoon will slowly open its shell to attack. Fox and his teammates have to destroy one of the tendons holding its shell. it will attack with Pearls that can explode, dealing massive damage. it can also fire weird serpentine creatures from the barnacles that top the shell. However, those barnacles can be destroyed, their detonation yielding 4 points per barnacle (the +3 that is shown and the general 1 for destroying an enemy unit). Once it loses one tendon, the Bacoon will hastily close the shell on itself for protection, leading to phase 2.

The second phase is largely the same, except Fox and his teammates must destroy the other tendon. This done, the shell collapses, leading to the Bacoon's final phase.

Phase 3

During the final phase, the Bacoon's central eye will be the next target. However, she, in a rage, will counter with pearl bomb waves. Fox and his friends must destroy the cover protecting the Bacoon's eye and then strike it with a torpedo to damage its. Once it takes five torpedoes to the central eye, the Bacoon dies, allowing procession to the next stage.


  • In the comic, the Bacoon is simply referred to as "a bacoon", meaning it was not the only Bacoon to be found on the planet.
  • The guide explains that the Bacoon had existed before Andross's time, which may mean it was brought under his control in order for its to be one of his lieutenants.
  • it and the Vulcain share their boss description: Bioweapon.

Names in Other Languages

  • Japanese: Bakūn
  • Spanish: La Bacúns (Third declension I-stem, base Bacun-)
  • French: La Bacoun
  • Portuguese: La Bacuns (Irregular third declension, base Bacun- (Accusative singular Bacuem))
  • Italian: La Baccuno (Fourth declension)
  • Latin: Bacūns (Third declension I-stem, base Bacunt-)