Baby Mario is the baby form of Mario, appearing first in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Super Smash Bros. Brawl classifies him as a character from the Yoshi series, but he has also starred in many Mario spin-offs, and notably in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, where he appeared as a playable character, and one of the main characters, along with his older self.


In Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island for the SNES, Baby Mario and his brother Baby Luigi are getting delivered to their parents via a stork, when, suddenly, Kamek, an evil Magikoopa, knowing the problems the duo will cause to Bowser in the future, crashes into the stork, snatching Baby Luigi, but on mistake, drops Baby Mario. On Yoshi's Island, Yoshi catches Mario, and decides to help get his brother Luigi back, and bring the two to their parents.

In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Baby Mario, along with his older self, plus Luigi and Baby Luigi, appear as playable characters. He can manipulate hammers and smashing enemies and items, unlike the adults. In Yoshi's Island DS, Baby Mario returns along with Baby Peach and Baby Donkey Kong as they and Yoshi decide to rescue the babies that got kidnapped by an unknown enemy. Baby Mario can do many attacks that the other two can't, such as allowing Yoshi to use a star power.

Along with these playable games, Baby Mario also appears as a playable character in Mario Tennis and Mario Golf, along with Mario Kart: Double Dash‼, Mario Superstar Baseball, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Super Sluggers, Mario Kart Tour and Mario Kart Wii. In each of the games, Baby Mario has special attacks. For example, in Mario Kart: Double Dash‼, Baby Mario's exclusive item is a Chain Chomp, which will allow him to go much faster, and to ram into everyone. Baby Mario also appears in Mario Kart Wii, yet again as a playable character, and in Mario Kart 8, taking the same role as before.

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