BS Panel de Pon - Event '98 is a Nintendo published video game released on the Super Famicom's Satellaview service, obviously being broadcast initially in 1998. The game is basically just Panel de Pon for the Satellaview, which is something Nintendo tended to do for the service (re-released games that were previously released on other consoles).


In the Panel de Pon series, the goal is to flip tiles around so that create a combination of three similarly colored tiles or more. The more tiles of the same color you have in a row, the more points you will accumulate. There are a variety of modes in the game:

  • Stageclear Mode: Survive for two minutes in each stage. As you progress, the rows will rise faster than before. The goal is not to increment points, but rather to just stay alive.
  • Endless Mode: A mode that plays as its name suggests. You won't gain extra points by clearing blocks quickly, allowing you to wait and strategically think of combinations.
  • VS. Mode: Play against a computer controlled character. In all, there are ten stages which will have to competing against ten different characters including:
    • Lip on the Flower Stage.
    • Windy on the Wind Stage.
    • Sherbet on the Ice Stage.
    • Thiana on the Forest Stage.
    • Ruby on the Jewel Stage.
    • Elias on the Water Stage.
    • Flare on the Fire Stage.
    • Neris on the Sea Stage.
    • Selene on the Moon Stage.
    • Phoenix on Death Mountain.
    • Dragon (stage unknown).
  • Puzzle Mode: Complete 120 different puzzles.
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