BS F-Zero Grand Prix is a remake of the SNES launch title F-Zero that was made specifically for Satellaview in Japan. Many gamers argued that Nintendo was simply shrugging the service off by offering titles such as this game and Dr. Mario instead of delivering entirely new experiences, though in time Nintendo would give gamers what they were looking for. Interestingly, the game features a system that allows you to upload your score so others around the world can view it in a scoreboard, though unfortunately there is no multiplayer. The game was never released outside of Japan, though Nintendo Power did say that Nintendo of America considered releasing it stateside in the form of a cartridge.

There were four versions of the game released, each with a different league including Knight, Queen, King, and Ace. The vehicles in the game were unique to it. They included Blue Thunder, Luna Bomber, Green Amazone, and Fire Scorpion. The drivers of each vehicle are unknown, and are not fan favorites such as Captain Falcon and Samurai Goroh. The game featured the original 15 courses from F-Zero, as well as extras that share the environments from the previously made tracks.


There are four vehicles in the game, none of which have appeared in the previous game or future ones. The vehicles include Blue Thunder, Luna Bomber, Green Amazone, and Fire Scorpion. Their individual stats are listed below.

  • Blue Thunder: A car well suited for beginners.
    • Engine model number: LB-2000 x 4
    • Max power: 3230 PS
    • Max speed: 472 km/h
    • Weight: 1260 kg
  • Luna Bomber: Well experienced racers will appreciate this vehicle.
    • Engine model number: BT-626 x 2
    • Max power: 7600 PS
    • Max speed: 477 km/h
    • Weight: 3800 kg
  • Green Amazone: Has the fastest acceleration.
    • Engine model number: GA15B x 1
    • Max power: 1270 PS
    • Max speed: 450 km/h
    • Weight: 890 kg
  • Fire Scorpion: The easiest car to handle.
    • Engine model number: RS-5025S x 4
    • Max power: 4892 PS
    • Max speed: 463 km/h
    • Weight: 2152 kg

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