BPS, Inc.(JP), short for Bullet-Proof Software, Inc., was a video game developer and publisher based in Japan. It was established and owned by Henk Rogers, who would become close friends with former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi.


Establishment and Famicom publishing

Bullet Proof Software had been established so Henk Rogers could publish The Black Onyx, a home computer game, in Japan.

Henk Rogers first linked up with Nintendo by porting a Go game from the Commodore 64 to the Famicom. He had convinced then-Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi to let him build the game for Nintendo, and Rogers finished the job after nine months. After playing one game, Yamauchi said that the game was "too weak" for Nintendo to publish. Rogers asked Yamauchi if he himself could publish it instead, and Yamauchi granted him the right to do so.


BPS gained the Japanese console rights to Tetris through Atari (Tengen), and their version of it would end up being the third game they published on the Famicom.[3] BPS would later sub-license the handheld rights to Tetris to Nintendo, resulting in Nintendo releasing their Game Boy version.


Blue Planet Software

Blue Planet Software, Inc., which had the same initials as Bullet Proof Software, was established by Henk Rogers to become the sole agent of the Tetris brand.[4] They have had a 50% stake in The Tetris Company since 2005.

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