Axem Ranger (Red) Sprite (Super Mario RPG)

Axem Red is the leader of the Axem Rangers and a member of the Smithy Gang who appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He is a balanced fighter and a tough opponent for Mario and his allies. Axem Red has the ability to power up his attack and defense.

During the events of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Axem Red spearheads the effort to collect the sixth Star Piece from Barrel Volcano. In fact, he swipes the Star Piece right before Mario is going to claim it. As they are escaping from Mario, Red accidentally drops the Star Piece, causing Axem Yellow to go back and retrieve him and call Red "all thumbs." Then, Axem Red flees to his battleship, Blade, hoping to escape with the Star Piece. However, Mario follows right behind him. As a result, Mario and his party battle with the Axem Rangers.

Throughout the battle, if his comrades are defeated before him, Axem Red will reply to their excuses with admonishing remarks. If Axem Red is defeated before the other Axem Rangers, he will say: "Oh, my head is spinning!"

Eventually, all five Axem Rangers are defeated. However, Axem Red won't give up the Star Piece that easily. He rallies his companions and together they share their energies into the Blade's Breaker Beam. Axem Red personally takes command of the powerful energy beam. Ultimately, Axem Red's efforts are in vain, as Mario and his allies defeat the Axem Rangers a second time.

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