The Awakening Wood is a fictional location in the GameCube video game Pikmin 2. It is the second area that your two captains will travel to, and the place where they will find Blue Pikmin and White Pikmin. This area is a nice grassy area with four underground dungeons that you will be able to explore. There are seven treasures on the overworld.


In all there are seven treasures that can be found above ground in the Awakening Wood, though many more can be unearthed by traversing the stage's many caves. The seven treasures include Sunseed Berry, Chance Totem, Pilgrim Bulb, Geographic Projection, Healing Cask, Decorative Goo, and Air Brake.

Pikmin you will first find here

  • White Pikmin - You will find these critters in the White Flower Garden underground dungeon. Once you throw any type of Pikmin into the White Candypop Bud, a White Pikmin will be ejected. Each White Candypop Bud can toss out five White Pikmin.
  • Blue Pikmin - Once you find Yellow Pikmin, you will be able to destroy the electricity filled wall, and then find the Blue Pikmin fighting a few harmless Wogpoles. Blow them with your whistle and they will join your party.



  • Hole of Beasts
  • White Flower Garden
  • Bulblax Kingdom
  • Snagret Hole


  • This area was formerly Forest of Hope in the original Pikmin. Since it is now expanded, Olimar renames the area.
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