Autolances are enemies in Super Smash Bros. Brawl in the mode Subspace Emissary. They are members of the Subspace Army and will attack the player with a big lance that will come out of their mechanical bodies.


The autolance drive around on wheels and are resistant to most attacks with additional flinch resistance. Autolances have three different types of attacks - the first is a long-range move where it launches a giant lance at the player which can be reflected. The second is a close-ranged weak thrust, and a skyward swipe that follows up quickly. The first strike inflicts weak knockback, while the latter inflicts mainly vertical knockback. The third is a powerful forward lunge which is extremely fast and somewhat unpredictable, causing strong horizontal knockback.

When they lose a certain amount of health, their health will fall off and a siren on top of them will be revealed. The Autolances will now increase their speed and try charging the player, but the siren is its weak point.

Trophy Description

An enemy that moves on caterpillar treads and uses the giant lance attached to its front to ram and sometimes shoot you. Looking for a weak spot? It's inside that armored-helmet head in the form of an emergency light. But.. Autolances aren't Subspace Army emergency vehicles-why would they need an emergency light? Aah, the mystery!

Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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