Auto is a green robot introduced in Mega Man 7 and one of the main characters in the Mega Man series.


Mega Man 7

Auto is bringing Mega Man and Roll on his truck until the truck stops. Auto places the helmet of a Met on Mega Man and then Mega Man's helmet. Auto will run a shop to buy items. In addition after finding the Hyperbolt in Spring Man's stage, he'll reduce prizes.

Mega Man Anniversary Collection

Auto will hold a cannon when in the stages of Tengu Man and the second Wily castle to fight the boss, Bliking to help Mega Man when he's riding on Rush, along with Beat and Eddie.

Mega Man & Bass

Auto will again run a shop and will sell items that are only for Mega Man, Bass or both of them.

Mega Man 9

Auto will still again run his shop and he assists Roll. He also has the upgrades of Rush after defeating five Robot Masters. In the ending, he takes a picture of Splash Woman.

Mega Man 10

In Mega Man's storyline, Auto assists Dr. Light instead of Roll, who is infected by Roboenza virus.

In Proto Man's storyline, he wears a Met's helmet in his shop. Tango, Mega Man's cat is seen sleeping or playing around in the counter.

Other media

Auto appears in the manga, Mega Man Megamix and the Dreamwave comic, Mega Man.


  • Auto made a cameo in the Mega Man X Collection version of Mega Man X3 in Volt Catfish's introduction.
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