Flag of Australia

Flag of Australia

Australia is a country which is located in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Its capital city is Canberra.[1] They are considered a part of the PAL region so, they can import from Europe and set accounts to European countries as can they do with Australia. Australians use the Australian Classification Board for their games and thus many less notable games never officially make it there.


  • Krome Studios, Brisbane
  • Wildfire Studios, Brisbane

New South Wales[]

Sydney is located in North South Wales, and despite being the most known city, it is not the capital.




  • Krome Studios Melbourne, Melbourne
  • Hipster Wale Melbourne


  • Australia is one of the only countries outside of Japan that received the Ultra Hand. A Hong Kong based company made a version of the Ultra Hand for the Australian market. The actual product was identical to the one released in Japan, though the boxart humorously featured a cartoon of a kid snatching out a joey from its kangaroo mother's pouch with the Ultra Hand. Neither the kangaroo or the joey seemed to enjoy this.


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