Aura-Aura Climber is a DSi Ware video game by Nintendo. Released in 2010, the player controls Aura-Aura, a star that has fallen from the skies and crashed onto Earth. The player's goal is to guide Aura-Aura back up to the heavens. In order to do this, Aura-Aura must grapple onto spheres that are suspended in the air, launching himself upwards.


As Aura-Aura you must try to get to the top without falling back to the earth, if you do happen to fall from a far distance up and you slam back to earth, you will lose a life, if you lose all three lives you start the level over. As you proggress through the game Aura-Aura will encounter enemies, collect bonuses, and power ups like a grabbing extension which will allow Aura-Aura to grab objects that are farther away, and bombs.

Game Modes

There are three game modes: Tutorial, Score Attack, and Endless.

  • Tutorial mode is a tutorial which teaches you how to play the game
  • Score Attack mode there are ten levels you must beat, and when you beat all ten you unlock Marathon, which is a combination of all ten levels. In Score Attack you will encounter enemies, collect bonuses, power ups, and bombs.
  • Endless mode is an endless level in which you have to climb as high as possible before the time runs out or you lose all three lives. In this mode instead of point bonuses there are time bonuses which add more time to the counter. There are around 30 medals you can obtain in Endless mode.


  • Aura-Auras way of climbing is just like Ristar's, the Sega genesis's character who made his debut in his own game, Ristar, and has also made cameos in the Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing series. Note that Ristar is also a star like being.
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