Attack on Titan 2 (A.O.T. 2 in PAL region) is an action game published by Koei Tecmo based on the popular anime, Attack on Titan. The game features content through the show's second season and additional stories written by the author. The game features a custom character creator to have the player join the Survey Corps


The player plays as a member of Survey Corps using the Omni-Directional Gear, having a large degree of freedom in movement. The player has to maneuver around the titans and hit their weak points. The titans have behaviours resembling their actions in the show. Across the maps are bases, so the player can refuel and replace their blades as well as better equipment but, they can break from Titan attacks.

The main story focuses on the show's second season (with the first season being covered more by the original). The game's story mode fully supports co-op play. The game has 37 playable humans and 5 playable titans.

The game has a town life mechanic where the player's character can interact with the cast from the show and shed some light on their relationships with the rest of the cast.

The game has online multiplayer modes though most focus on score. In Predator Mode, 4 titans are competing to eat the most humans and destroy the most buildings but, have to avoid the powerful humans. In Annihilation Mode, there are 2 teams of 4 scouts that are competing to see who can defeat the most Titans in the time limit




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