Atsushi Miyagi is a Nintendo graphic designer and adviser, known for his field design on various titles while at EAD.


He graduated from the Kanazawa College of Art in 1994 as a fine artist, despite originally wanting to work as a painter. After seeing artwork from a Super Nintendo RPG game in a magazine, he decided to work at the video game industry. After some months, he started working as a graphic designer. For some years, he worked at several small game studios, until in 2000 he joined Nintendo, where he still works to this day.

While at the company, he has worked on field design on various titles; some of his work include Bianco Hills in Super Mario Sunshine, the Tower of the Gods, Ganon's Tower and Hyrule Castle courtyard in Wind Waker, and some of the caves on Pikmin 2. He became well known for his work and became the lead environment artist in Twilight Princess, where he planned the field design and managed the field design team. He made alone all the environments from the E3 2004 trailer.

After working on Mario Kart Wii, he became a design adviser and supervisor on various 2D Mario and Pikmin titles.

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