Athena is a Nintendo Entertainment System port of an arcade game of the same name. The NES version of the game is the only to have made its way stateside. The game stars a Greek goddess of the same name who goes on an adventure after growing bored with her life.


The game starts out in the World of Forest, where Athena's only weapon will be the foot she uses to kick with. Eventually, you'll find a more powerful weapon after killing a couple of enemies. Progressing through the story, you'll eventually find armor that'll upgrade your defense. The goal is to just to travel right until the end of the level, where you'll then be required to conquer the next one.

On the top-left corner of the screen is a health bar similar to the one featured in games like Castlevania. If the health bar is depleted by being attacked by too many enemies, then you'll have to start over.

The game contains a variety of different upgrades that can be found by killing enemies and destroying the landscape. These upgrades include new weapons such as swords, staffs and arrows, and new pieces of armor that cover your chest and head. There's also a shield that can likewise be upgraded.


The game was not well received among gamers. Because the game was not released during a time when there were many video game critics, gamers have to rely on the reviews of other gamers found on the internet. Of the ten reviews featured on GameFaqs by readers, nine of them are negative. A majority of the reviews received a grade below three.

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