Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout is a role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch released in 2019.


Atelier Ryza features a variety of gathering tools such as axes, hammers and scythes. Using different tools on the same gathering spot allows the player to obtain different materials. For example, in a tree you can use the axe to get lumber, the staff to get fruit and the scythe to get wood chips.

Gathering areas can be created with alchemy. With different materials, players can tune the type of field, the obtainable items and the enemies present. These areas can also be shared twithother players.

A new real-time, turn-based system is introduced. During battle, time continuously passes, and characters and enemies can only act when it's their turn, without time stopping. Up to three characters can take part in battles, and the player can switch freely which one to control, while the AI takes care of the other two.

The MP bar, present in every previous entry in the Atelier series, is replaced by a shared AP system. Action Points are gained during the course of the battle, and they are used to trigger skills. During combat, the new "Tactics Lever" meter increases. This system serves to boost skill effects.

Follow-up attacks between party members can be triggered with "Action Orders".



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