Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings is a role-playing game by Gust on the Nintendo Switch. It is the 20th anniversary game for the Atelier series and is the final game in the Mysterious trilogy.


The player controls the twins as they travel in the world for quests and materials. The player receives quests from various NPCs and can find various secrets and abilities by exploring the world. The game's combat is turn based and using materials, the player can perform alchemy by processing magical materials into potions, crystals and food.


Set a few years after the last Atelier game, the game follows a set of alchemist twins - the reserved Lydie and the eccentric Suelle, which works at their family atelier. Due to their inexperience, they rarely have any business. While training their skills, the pair discovers a mysterious painting and as they try and reach out towards the painting, they are taken into a world with many rare alchemic materials. Using the paintings, they try to become the best atelier in the country, but since they are unknown, they rarely have customers. The game follows their adventures in trying to attain their dream.


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