Elior is a young High Entia of impure blood in Xenoblade Chronicles. in Alcamoth, he can be found running around near Vol'aren and Cian southeast of the Fountain of Hope from 06:00 - 18:00. Since he is of impure blood, he survives the events of Mechonis Core and can be found in Frontier Village north of the Reservoir from 6:00 to 15:00. He is Vol'aren's son and Cian's older brother.

Affinity Links


For items without a page, check the Collectopaedia page. Those with numbers are Gems.


Item Affinity level Value
Large Hoof 1☆ N/A
Iron Cutlass (1 slot) 1☆ N/A
Despair Clover 2☆ N/A
League Armour (0 slots) 2☆ N/A
White Tail Overtrade 9,900 G

Frontier Village

Item Affinity level Value
Ether Down II 1☆ N/A
Rich Sardi Meat 1☆ N/A
Makna Bottoms (1 slot) 2☆ N/A
Ether Down III 4☆ N/A
Ocean Elixir of Life 5☆ N/A
All-Seeing Eye Overtrade 1,800 G

Given Quests

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