Astral Chain is a futuristic hack and slash game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Nintendo. The game released worldwide in 2019 on Nintendo Switch. The core mechanic of the game revolve around the ability to control two character at once to perform synergetic actions in battle.


The game allow you to play as one of a pair of twins working for Neuron, a branch of the police using Legions, living weapons chained to their users, to fight mysterious extradimensional invaders and crack police cases.


The game features a very dynamic gameplay that revolves around the synergetic actions of the twins and their Legions who acts as two separate characters in battle and can either target multiple foes or team up to take down the same enemy.

The game also seems to feature a lot of other activities outside of fighting. The twins seems to be accompanied by a Legion that can take the form of a dog, which can be rided or simply help their master like a normal police dog would. The humanoid Legion has also been used to enchain suspects with the chain that tie them with the twins in order to arrest them on the spot. The game also seems to feature a visual mode that indicate points of interest in a situation, it was seen highlighting falling debrits and the panicked citizen flying the scene in fear.


The game was developed as part of a partnership between Nintendo and PlatinumGames and is co-owned by both companies. The game was initially revealed during a Nintendo Direct broadcasted on February 13, 2019. The trailer revealed the basic concept, the setting, and the plot of the game. The Game was then shown in details during E3 2019 where gameplay was focused on during the Treehouse live while a story trailer was shown during the actual presentation.


Astral Chain receives "generally favorable" reviews on Metacritic holding a metascore of 87/100 based on 90 critics.[1]


Astral Chain became the best selling game in the UK during its first week, which is a first for Platinum Games. As of December 2019, Astral Chain sold over 1.03 million units worldwide.


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